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What a Website Redesign Philadelphia Package can do for your Company

Already have a site and need to update your look? A website redesign Philadelphia plan is perfect for you.

With a website redesign Philadelphia package, your new site will match your brand and wow your visitors with a homepage flash header.

When you update your site's look with a website redesign Philadelphia package, you won’t only updating the aesthetics, you’ll also be updating:

  • Usability: all website redesign Philadelphia packages incorporate the newest usability standards so your visitors will easily browse your site
  • Search engine strength: your website redesign Philadelphia package includes updated coding to rank your site higher in search engine results
  • Conversion rates: our website redesign Philadelphia services will help your site get the most qualified leads, leads that turn into revenue for your business

How our Website Redesign Philadelphia Service will Transform your Current Site

Together with your dedicated website redesign Philadelphia project manager, you'll review your current site for which elements are working and which need updated.

Our website redesign Philadelphia clients often use this service as part of a complete brand makeover. We specialize in creating strong brands that convey the message of your company while setting you apart in the market.

In addition to a fresh, new look for your site, our website redesign Philadelphia packages include an overhaul to the HTML behind your site. Experienced programmers will re-code your site with the most up-to-date HTML so as the browsers evolve, your site will be displayed perfectly to your visitors. Plus, search engines will be able to crawl and rank your site well.

With a website redesign Philadelphia package, your new look will have forward-compatibility and high search engine rankings.

Our Website Redesign Philadelphia Clients Enjoy Better Search Engine Rankings

By choosing a website redesign Philadelphia package, your site's code will be updated, content will be freshened, and ultimately your site's rankings will improve.

If you opt to add our Search Engine Optimization plan to your website redesign Philadelphia package, your site will be optimized by one of our SEO specialists to rank in the top five positions for various industry-specific keywords.

Your website redesign Philadelphia package with SEO plan means your site will be viewed by qualified traffic, which ultimately means more conversions and higher revenue for your company.

Moreover, local optimization is gaining in popularity as search engines, like Google, use algorithms to display search engine results based on the searcher's location. With your website redesign Philadelphia package and SEO plan, you can also target geographically the potential customers in the surrounding area.

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Westchester Modular Homes needed to update their site with a look that captured their high-class brand while appealing to
their target audience. Our web design Philadelphia team did just that.