Our hosting Philadelphia Plans: World-Class Solutions

When you opt for a hosting Philadelphia plan with us, your site will be securely located in the premier data center of the world.

With unmatched security and optimal uptime, our hosting Philadelphia plan gives you the peace of mind that your site is being accessed easily by your visitors while remaining safe from hackers.

Hosting Philadelphia Plans offer Unmatched Security

All of the websites on the hosting Philadelphia plans are located in an ultra-secure data center. With top-of-the line security measures, this unmarked building outside of Washington, D.C. in Ashburn, V.A. is one of the world's best. Your site will sit alongside the most powerful sites in the world, like Google, IBM, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Sony Online, Myspace, Hotwire, General Electric,  XMRadio, and YouTube.

When you sign up for a hosting Philadelphia plan, you'll rest at night knowing your site is safe from power outage, hurricane, flood or any other catastrophe. There is a complete backup infrastructure that would immediately switch on when needed.

But we don't just protect your site from mother nature. When you choose a hosting Philadelphia plan, your site will be safe from tampering. Each person that has access to the server building has to pass a series of state-of-the-art biometric scans. From fingerprint readers and retinal scanners to numerical touch-pads, only those authorized have access to your site.

Our hosting Philadelphia plans take security of your site very seriously.

With hosting Philadelphia Plans You Get Unparalleled Location

When you sign up for a hosting Philadelphia plan, you not only get the best security possible, you also get first pick of the cutting-edge web server technologies, making your site accessible to everyone anytime.

The data center your website will be located in when you choose a hosting Philadelphia plan has a direct line into the UUNET 45 Mbps DS-3 backbone, which converges on Northern Virginia. This is largest hub for internet traffic in the US, even larger than Silicon Valley. Two massive trans-Atlantic cables also run from Northern V.A. to Sweden and London. This means your data can travel the shortest route possible to all of the US and Europe.

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